If you're looking for something different, original, artisan, and most definitely not available ANYWHERE else, then you're in the right place. Here at J's Kitchen, we source our own freshest of salmon, and cure it and flavour it in our own special way.

After curing, our salmon is smoked in our very own, bespoke made smoker.

Based in the North West  and London, UK, we are totally unique, with no other independent hand-made smoked fish and gravadlax manufacturer in the region. Established late in 2017, we setup with the mission of raising the standard of smoked salmon and gravadlax available in London. We've introduced a smokier, less greasy, less salty consistency combined with an eclectic mix of novel flavours, including our signature Whisky Double Smoke, and our Chilli Infused Lemon & Dill Gravadlax.

We manufacture weekly and can deliver in our local area. We also supply the boutique catering and restaurant trade who are looking for those unique flavours and quality that mass produced salmon can't achieve. Please get in touch to find out how you can get your great tasting smoked salmon!

All of our products are certified Kosher by the Federation.

Email us at hi@jkitchen.co.uk